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Stroke Victim Benefits from Botox Therapy

Posted on 02 November 2012 by admin

When people think of Botox they usually associate it with celebrities who are looking for that elusive youth serum.

While Botox is used to remove unwanted lines on the face, researchers are now realising there are a number of benefits of Botox.

For instance, a 15 year old girl was given Botox by medical practitioners to help unlock her muscles which were affected by a stroke.

Mel Strzebrakowska unfortunately succumbed to this debilitating disorder while celebrating her father’s birthday. She told reporters that she was unaware of anything the day it happened except for waking up and finding herself in the intensive care unit at her local hospital.

She told reporters: “I tried to scramble out of bed, but my legs collapsed, and my right hand wouldn’t work either.”

Mel added: “I didn’t know what was wrong. Then the doctors told me I’d had a stroke. I couldn’t take it in. I was so young. I couldn’t believe it had happened to me.”

Having a stroke at such a tender age is rare but not unknown. However irrespective of age one the hallmarks of the condition is the muscles on one side of the body tend to be locked with the patient unable to use them. The facial muscles are also affected often given the appearance of the mouth dropping on one side.

In Mel Strzebrakowska’s case the stroke will have occurred on the left hand side of the brain as her speech was also affected.

What’s more, post stroke muscle stiffness affects around 30% of sufferers, and while drugs are used to help, they often leave side effects.

Consequently, it was this fact in mind that medical practitioners started to think of other methods of treatment. Hence Botox was started to be used to help relax the muscles.

Mel has been having Botox therapy for the past 4 years now which has helped her enormously, done so by a Botox training course past student.

It should be pointed out however that while Botox is a very useful product that helps both stroke victims like Mel Strzebrakowska and those seeking cosmetic therapy, the treatments in both cases should only be carried out by qualified practitioners who have been on Botox training course.

Botox is a derivative of a bacterium and should only be administered by people who know what they are doing.

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