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Posted on 26 November 2011 by admin

Entertainment is an umbrella term, which is used to describe many different activities and methods that are used to entertain people. Entertainment may involve many different activities, from going to the theatre to going to a concert or watching a film at home. Entertainment is designed to provide an enjoyable distraction to everyday life.

Modern entertainment

Entertainment is increasingly passive, meaning that people take a back seat and let somebody else entertain them. The most popular forms of entertainment include:

watching films, either at home or at the cinema

  • watching plays or shows
  • going to concerts
  • watching television
  • watching comedy – either watching a stand-up show or a funny programme or film
  • listening to music
  • playing games
  • watching sports

More active forms of entertainment, such as playing sports, are usually regarded as recreational activities or hobbies, although some people would class them as form of entertainment. Modern entertainment revolves around celebrity; celebrity culture has become increasingly prevalent over the last decade and many people now follow celebrities and their lifestyles on television, in the press and on social media websites.

Why is entertainment important?

Entertainment is important to most people because they like to have time out from work and enjoy themselves, especially in the evenings after a long day at work. Entertainment can help to reduce stress and anxiety and create a more positive mood. Many people find they are in a much better mood when they can wind down and relax in front of a film or the television in the evenings, rather than having to work late.

In many cases, entertainment also brings people together. You can spend time with family and friends and enjoy a film, go to a football match or catch a musical and the aim of the game is to have as much fun as possible. Entertainment has become an increasingly integral part of the modern lifestyle, as people spend longer at work and suffer from work-related stress. Entertainment provides an enjoyable diversion to the routine of daily life.





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